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Faithful Friends AAT is a group of volunteers who have a common desire to spread joy and happiness to those who are in difficult situations by visiting them with their pets.

Many doctors and therapists are discovering the difference it makes in people's lives when they are involved with a pet. Medical research has shown that interaction with animals can reduce high blood pressure and stress. Studies have also been made on the use of animals in rehabilitation therapy programs.


Upcoming Events
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Who are we?
Faithful Friends is an organization which seeks to establish a non-threatening ambiance as our pets greet each person with warm eyes and often a wet nose. This allows the volunteer to make contact with those we visit and establish a continuing relationship with them.


In the past, we have seen faces light up when a cat came to sit on a lonely nursing home resident's lap. We have seen a child use a hand that was partially paralyzed from illness strive hard and succeed in stroking a dog's back. Children who have been in abusive situations have learned to use positive reinforcement to train a dog rather than continue to use abusive techniques previously used on them. Alzheimer's patients have remembered stories of their own pets even though their memory is failing, and then have recounted the stories to our volunteers. Picture of Shih-Tzu with nursing home resident

HOME2Faithful Friends AAT Ministry is proud to be a member of the Adopt-A-Nursing Home Program of the Texas Department of Human Services. The Adopt-A-Nursing Home Program promotes community volunteer involvement with Texas' Long Term Care facilities to enrich the lives of their residents. The Adopt-A-Nursing Home program allows long-term care facilities and volunteer organizations to enter into year long contract agreements, and recognizes both parties for their participation. Here is an interesting statistic provided by the Adopt-A-Nursing Home program - did you know that, on average, 50% of Texas nursing home residents don't have families or surviving spouses, and about 60% have no regular visitors?


Our Mission
Faithful Friends would like to decrease that number! Our mission is best stated "You are the
light of the world. ... In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven." Matthew 5:14a, 16. If you do not know Jesus, we invite you to find out more about Him. Please use this link to find out more about the One to whom we serve with this ministry.




God has given each of us special gifts. We need to share those gifts with those who need them. These pets have a very special way of demonstrating God's unconditional love. They don't care what you look like, whether you had a bad day or a good one, or whether you have physical or emotional pains. They love you just the way you are all the time. This is what people who are in long-term care facilities or recovering in rehabilitation hospitals need most of all - to be loved just the way they are!







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