Hi! I’m Toots.

Hi! My name is Toots

I’m a 13-year old mixed Border Collie. My “mom” and I recently visited our Aunt Florence who resides at the Towers Nursing Home in Smithville, Texas. They were so nice to us, even clapped for us when we came into the main lounging area! They took picture after picture and really made a fuss over me. I didn’t get those wonderful belly rubs like the boys at Devereux Treatment Center, where I make my usual visits, give me, but I got lots of soft pats and soft, kind words. Of course, I gave out lots of kisses to outstretched hands.

They even put me on my Aunt’s bed where we sniffed each other’s nose and they took more pictures of me! Gee, I wish my “mom and dad” would let me get in THEIR bed. Aunt Florence fed me too much – or at least according to my “mom”. I like Aunt Florence!

The friendly folks there would love me to come back and visit, and bring all my Faithful Friends with me. So we are putting together a road trip for several of my Faithful Friends buddies to go back to Smithville with me. We are even going to stop at some roadside parks along the way so that we can run and play!

Hope to see you soon!
Love, Toots

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