Hi! My name is Tippy

Hi! I’m Tippy

I am a Beagle, and a perfect size for sitting in people’s laps or laying beside them in their beds. I visit with my mom, shown in the picture with me, and also with Jenna. Jenna has been visiting with me since she was in elementary school, and is one of the teenagers that enjoys being a part of Faithful Friends. Jenna helps me get ready for my visits by giving me my bath, and getting me “dressed”. Jenna dresses up in costumes that match mine, and we bring a lot of smiles to people’s faces.

I’m very well known for my ability to find even the smallest snack crumbs on a resident’s lap. When they feed me treats, I am very careful to take it gently from their fingers with my “soft” mouth. I’m small enough that I can curl up on Grandma Jones’ bed. One lady that I visited told me that my ears felt like the velvet in her party dress. Another lady said that she had a shepherd dog that looked like me when she was a child. The men that I visit at the nursing home call me “their hunting dog”!

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