Hi! My name is Tamu

I’m a Siberian Husky. I am named after my mom’s school – Texas A&M University (TAMU). I like pulling things.

Hi! I’m Tamu.

My mom, Shari, has a special harness attached to her bicycle. I can pull her all around the neighborhood. At my home, I’m the Alpha dog. I rule over my mom Shari, and my “brothers” Reveille and Bear.


As much as I like to romp through the house, when my mom puts my bandanna around my neck, I know that I’m going to “work”. I walk through the doors of the nursing home, and I know that I have to be on my best behavior. I am just the right height that folks in wheelchairs can stroke my hair. And they love for me to kiss them, which I am really good at doing. They always put their cheek next to me and say “Give me a kiss” – so I do!

My mom and I used to go to dog shows several years ago. We thought it would be something we could do together. But, visiting with people – that’s a lot more fun! I really like going on my visits. Every time mom pulls out my bandanna, I run to the door because I know that means that I’m going to get to visit with people.

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