Hi! My name is Cuddles

Hi, I’m Cuddles

Well, actually, my full name is Cuddles Sweet Patutie Lu, but everyone just calls me Cuddles. I visit with my mom and my brother, Rudy. I am a Boston Terrier. I am very small, but I pack a lot of energy into my tiny little body. My favorite thing to do is to dance for people. They hold a treat up in the air, and I dance around until they give me the treat. It works every time! This is me in my 4th of July costume.

I have a very big tongue and I’m very good at using it to give people “kisses”. I like to kiss all people – little kids and adults too. I like to surprise them and give them a nice big kiss when they LEAST expect it! I’m so quick that they don’t get the chance to say “no”.

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