Hi! My name is Sable

Hi, I’m Sable

I’m a Samoyed. My solid white coat gets me a lot of attention. I can dress up as “Mrs. Claus” at Christmas! My mom spends a lot of time getting me ready for a visit so that my hair will be nice and soft. I let people rub their hands all through my coat. One time, a lady kissed me on the muzzle. She left a red lipstick stain on my white nose!

One of my most memorable visits was to a hospital. There was a young man there who had just been in a jet ski accident and lost both his legs. Several of us were on that visit that night. I remember the man totally¬†ignoring all of us, which was understandable. He had a radio headset on as if he wanted to tune the whole world out. My mom and I came back to his room twice that night. On the second time back to his room, he reached down and acknowledged me! He didn’t pay my mom much attention, but he acknowledged and smiled as he petted me! That was a very big step for that young man that night – I felt. I doubt a human would have been able to get him to take that first step!

There was an elderly man at the hospital. I didn’t realize this at the time, but he was about to get out of the hospital after a long stay. He sat outside his room just admiring me. He smiled, talked to me and my mom, and petted me a lot, which I loved!. We visited with him for probably a good 20-30 minutes it seems. We found out later that about two weeks after his release, the man called the hospital and wanted to thank us for making such a big difference in his life by visiting him. He specifically mentioned my name and said “the Samoyed”. I’m the only Samoyed that visits that hospital!. That’s one of those visits where you know the patient is enjoying his visit at the time, but you just don’t realize what a profound difference it made to them.

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