Hi! My name is Reveille

Hi, I’m Reveille

I’m here in Costume, I am part Collie and part Shepherd. That makes me one of only a few of the mixed breed dogs in the Faithful Friends program. I am named after the mascot of the school my “mom”, Shari, attended, Texas A&M University. I was the first dog in our family to be involved in therapy work.

Reveille and Beryl
Reveille and Beryl

These pictures are of me and my foster mom, Beryl. In our Faithful Friends program, each human can only take one pet on a visit. Beryl is my mom on all my visits at the Harbourview Care Center and Devereux Hospital, which are both located in League City. She lives just down the street from me, so I sometimes get to see her when I go for my walks too.

I am not real excited about chasing little green tennis balls. They don’t taste very good, or frisbees either. But I really like getting to go for walks with the kids at Devereux. I always remember the nice men and women at Harbourview that give me treats when we visit there. As you can see from my picture, I really like to eat. The people at Harbourview always comment on how well fed I look!

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