Hi! My name is Bear

Hi, I’m Bear

I’m a black Chow. When my “mom” found me, I had a wire clothes line wrapped around my throat. Someone had tied it so tight, that it took my owner and her dad over an hour to get it off of me. I had been used as target practice. Someone had shot me with a pellet gun. But, now I’m healed, and I have a home with my mom, Shari, and my “brothers” Tamu and Reveille.

My favorite people to visit are the kids at Devereux Hospital in League City. While the other dogs chase tennis balls and frisbees, I like to find a nice quiet corner and cuddle with the kids. I am only 45 lbs., and small enough that I can sit in their laps. My hair, now that it has grown back, is soft and fluffy. The kids love to run their fingers through it. I have been known to lick the back of their necks as they hold me like a “teddy bear”.

My mom tells people that God brought me into this program because I could relate to the children who have also had a tough time in life. I think God gave me a second chance at life so I could feel loved as well as give it.

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