Hi! My name is Casey

This is me with my mom and dad. My dad is a full-time chaplain, but, you know what? I am a full-time minister too!

Hi, I’m Casey

I visit at Southeast Memorial Hospital where my mom is the team lead. I work with patients who have had strokes or who have had major operations, such as hip replacements or knee replacements. The physical therapist, John, goes with us to each patient and records how each patient is responding to our visits.

I am a Bouvier (pronounced Boo-V-A). I am so tall that it is easy for people to reach me from the hospital bed. A lot of the patients comment about how big I am. But, I am also very, very gentle. Many people have not seen a dog like me!

My dad has taught the other Faithful Friends volunteers how to minister specifically to people who are facing terminal illnesses or people who have family members who are facing terminal illnesses. The training was called “Ministry of Presence”. Everyone was very interested and had many questions to ask my dad. It was really a good training session for all of us. By the way, I got to help with the training session!!!

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